I'm Angus

I am currently working on a redesigning the website and creating an ecommerce system for Helen's Flowers, and I'm based in New York City. Before that, I worked as a painter in commercial construction and worked as a design associate at Cancos Tile and Stone. I have 4 years of experience delivering client needs, collaborating across disciplines and teams, and helping make people's days a little bit better. As a freelance UXer, I have spent the last year helping businesses discover, understand and remove their problems. I never say no to a client, which has allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone and learn new software, techniques and processes

My Business Philosophy:

Never say never.

a picture of me by the east river

My Design Process

Discovery/ Research

Gaining context, asking questions, and discovering problems 🔍


Use research data to create user journeys and personas 🧐


Create wireframes, prototypes, and solution ideas 🏗️


Test design solutions with users and potential users 📝


Make changes based on testing results and feedback ✍️

Hand off and Launch

Work closely with developers to create design systems and reduce technical debt 💻

More Iteration!

Observe product performance and key indicators, and make improvements based on data ♾️


User Research
UX Design
Rapid Iterations
UI Design
Usability Testing


Roller Coasters
Theme Parks
Digital Art
Video Games

My Story

I got started on my UX journey 5 years ago. A good friend of mine who is a full-stack developer knew my skillset and suggested teaching myself User Experience design. I made some screens in photoshop, and he presented me with feedback that I was able to build upon. Little did I know that this journey would take me very far, and five years later I would still be looking for feedback to improve my designs. I know this is the right career path; being able to use my digital skill set, soft skills, and customer service is the perfect combination of job requirements for me.

After moving to the city and working a full-time construction job, I was ready to begin my Bootcamp. I completed the CareerFoundry UX Design Intensive while working full time, and perfected my time management skills. In every role, I've had and every project I've worked on in the real world, I have tried to apply my UX knowledge and design thinking skills. Construction was no different. Thinking about how clients will use and interact with certain spaces was crucial, and all too often the powers that be overlooked this. As a painter, I couldn't just show up and cover everything with paint. When will this client be back in their office? Does this product have the proper dry time for our time frame? Is painting the room this dark color going to make reading difficult? How can we patch this ceiling, and make it look like we were never here? Like good design, a painting job well done is hard to notice.

Unfortunately, this job was not working out for me for a number of reasons. In my free time, I am working at Trader Joe's as a crew member. I chose this as my day job because it enables me to spend more time on my freelance projects, and Trader Joe's puts the customer experience at its highest priority. It's my job to wow the customers, and do everything I can to make their shopping experience pleasurable and memorable. We are encouraged to "wow" our customers by offering recipe insight, free flowers, and free grocery carries out. Creating displays to highlight new or seasonal items is also part of the job. Since we don't spend any money on the promotion of our products, we have to create visual displays and talk to our customers about our products.

Bootcamps are expensive, and real-life got in the way. I worked my way up to a design associate position after working in the warehouse at Cancos Tile and Stone and learned about the art of customer service and collaboration. Deadlines were crucial, and so was speaking the language of not only the customer but their contractor as well. I also took photos of every display booth to help create a digital display system so customers can see display booths from all our different stores in one location.

I've learned the importance of creating a memorable experience at the end of a journey. The cashier is the last stop on a customer's grocery journey, and if you can create a memorable experience there it's more effective than whatever they were greeted with at the front door. I've tried to apply this principle to my own flows, and ensure my designs leave my users in a good frame of mind.

Some Hobbies

Food and Pokémon :)

a picture of me drinking a cup of coffeea picture of me holding my bicycle and an ice cream coneme enjoying korean fried chickena picture of me next to my favorite pokemon, wailord. this was taken using pokemon goes ar technology

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